Monday, May 30, 2016

New Art Update! Finally!

After a long break from posting (though not from making art) I have finally gotten around to finishing off a set of images that I want to show. The long break from posting is partially due to a 4 year span of career sabotage working on more cartoon style games which is now over. Also to blame are a series of yet unreleased project NDAs, and a general lack of taking much personal work to completion. I have also taken the time to revamp the blog as it was looking pretty darn dated. If you are reading this I hope you like the changes and enjoy the new art! Look forward to hopefully another dump of work related art soon permission pending.

Above, a rendering of a Chevy Blazer done for my Uncle based on a vehicle he is restoring, and a mech
salesman talking up the latest model to a potential customer!
Below, a visual target image and action shot for a top down RPG pitch doc. This is a better late than never
addition that I wasn't able to show at the time. In the second image the heroes try to close a demon portal!
Below, a painting from reference of Jennifer Carpenter aka Debrah Morgan from Dexter.
Also, a head rendering from my half of a colaboration project for a Warframe head skin.
Finally a line drawing done in PS to look like a marker sketch. The design is meant to be
a V-Tol fighter, however a careful eye would notice the engines are braced wrong for that.
And that's it for now, Thanks for viewing!

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