Saturday, June 7, 2008

Personal Work Update

Some landscape speed paintings, and a more finished piece. The first piece was inspired by a thread entitled "The General's Daughter".

Redmist Castle Work

These images are a collection of pieces done as freelance art for Timothy Gulics of Congruent Z productions. He's been awsome to work with and has inspired me to create some of the best professional art I've ever had the joy of working on! Double thanks for letting me post these up Tim! Hope you guys like them.

Dark Elf Male Portrait

Dark Elf Fem Portrait

Friday, June 6, 2008

Halo Wars Covers

Here are some recent Halo Wars Covers I worked on for Ensemble. I did 2d cleanup of the 3d images in PS to finalize and help integrate them into their respective scenes for publishing, so major credit to the other talented folks who worked on the assets before I did; including Blur studios, Scott Winsett, and Brad Crow, among others at Ensemble, also props to GamePro Magazine and Xbox360 magazine for the final layout schemes.