Saturday, February 13, 2010

Above, a concept car. Below a take on Ameilia Earhardt in an alternate future, a creature sketch, and a co-op piece with original sketch by Tatiana Vetrova done for Cghub special thanks to her!
Three from my sketchbook oldest to newest, some reference used.
Dues Ex Machina "God's Favorite" featuring my car, "space girl" and "A Brave New World" an idea for a sort of light hearted environment.


DaviD Pereira said...

I like this environment!!. It´s a great job!.

Phil wohr said...

Thanks David glad u like it.

Anonymous said...

Hi phil! your works are awesome. I like them very much. Btw i can see you are prabobly a fun of Diablo series. I am on my very beginning of my vouage whit painting etc and to draw like you is in my fantasy stage right now. Luv you work really