Thursday, November 12, 2009

Borderlands Concept Art!

Well Borderlands is finally out and seems like every one is enjoying it. Here is a small sampling of concept art done for the game. Concepts date from 2007. Images are the property of Gearbox Software, LLC. Used on this website with permission. All additional uses of these images is restricted.

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hunt said...

love the runner vehicle concept, great work.

Phil wohr said...

thanks, glad you like it.

Marco Nelor said...

very interesting to see these phil. youre so damned modest too...i was sitting at work saying that vehicle design was awesome when pete was driving it...and i think u were standing right next to me, and not even once did u say it was your concept, hahaha. kudos mate.

your art skills have been flourishing lately, and i can see that youre starting to get just a bit more curious about methods of color and painting, and its definitely showing in your work. keep up the good work.

its an honor to sit behind u, haha.

Wayne Porter said...

Really nice update! those guns are phenomenal! nice work!

Aryeh, The Lion said...

very very nice! when i talked to the people at the animation art they showed me your pre-vis text. impressive work bro!

mark said...

Hi Phil,

I'm a concept artist here in Dallas as well, and just checked out your blog for the first time - awesome work man! You've got an excellent design sense and a great range.

Are you on Linked In?
Check me out at:

Love to compare notes sometime - keep up the good work!


Mark Moore

Phil wohr said...

-Marco, Thanks man I appreciate the advice you've given me it helps.

-Wayne, Thanks Wayne, glad you like them!

-Areyh, Haha still showing that stuff huh? My advice for any one in art school is that you get out what you put in so work hard and put a lot of effort in and it will pay off. Unfortunately that's a road that goes both ways so work hard!

Mark, Wow thanks! I looked at your linked in and noticed you're also on Imdb your resume is HUGE I'm impressed! I also sent you an invite on linked and if u want to email me my addy is on the front page.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Gene said...

dude... I started playing this game over the holiday break and... well.. wow! its looks amazing... oozes style and overall sickness. Its alot of fun too... those little bots are annoying as hell though "oo ah... oo ah... look at me I'm dancin'... I'M DANCIN!"... umm.. yeah.

great stuff

DaviD Pereira said...

Congratulations, I love this game and your art!!.
Thanks Phil!!.

Phil wohr said...

Anonymous: Thanks, I try very hard to improve so I'm glad someone thinks it's working!

Gene: Glad you like it, can't really take much credit for the style the game has now, that is mostly due to work that happened after I left. They did a good job with that tho and I do feel I had a hand in it at least somewhat heh.

DaviD Pereira: Great to hear it! I'm looking for an excuse to make another art post in the coming weeks so check back, and thanks again!


DaviD Pereira said...

I hope patiently the others concepts. Great work!.