Saturday, June 7, 2008

Personal Work Update

Some landscape speed paintings, and a more finished piece. The first piece was inspired by a thread entitled "The General's Daughter".


Ag./dez said...

Inspiration is a funny thing isn't it?my brother I inspired you then as you inspire me now.(I must work harder these next three years) your digital work tells me you have a great source of creative and inspiring people working with you.I wish I had other artist to hang out with. the enviorment I'm in now is in the negative zone of art but everyone here are all about ufc and sports.-_- story of my life.
keep cranking and cool creature concepts. the layout and designs are fine.AG

Сергей said...

cool world

Anonymous said...


Put plainly, your work is amazing.

I am a great admirer, especially of your work with RedMist Castle.

I am a writer, myself and I am always looking for inspiration. Your art certainly holds a high place in my list of great ways to stir up new ideas.

Chevelle said...

O my goodness hey P.J. its your cousin Chevy i was just looking at your pics. Really cool,Did you say you and nick might be making an xbox game.

Wayne Porter said...

amazing work as usual...its been a while since your last post. great work!

Phil wohr said...

So much encouragement, I really don't deserve it but I definitely appreciate it.

Dez!~ we should get together and sketch some time when ur back in the states. I've been feeling somewhat uninspired lately, I keep telling myself its the hour drive to and from work. Any way keep crankin man. I usually find that creation breeds motivation, sadly the inverse is also true. But if you get the ball rolling you can really make a lot of progress quick.

Cepren~ Thanks!

Eric~ Thats awesome, thanks for the kind words. Hit me up if you need a book cover sometime.

Chevelle~ Thanks cuz! Nope sure didn't say that. Nick sounded like he was interested in getting into the industry though. He'd probably like it, but its a tough one to break into. I'm still working on Halo Wars like the site says. I'll update when that changes.

Wayne~ Yeah it's been a while , honestly I haven't felt much like doing art outside of work lately and unfortunately I can't show much of that work. Maybe I can stir myself into being productive again soon. Thanks for the positive feedback, I'll see if I can put something up here within the month, no promises haha.

God bless~

Chevelle said...

Guess what Phil. I'm at school! ^^
Im bored doing something weird, so I surfed the web and decidedd to look at your art.
To all people, I rememember going into his room when I was a toddler, and I couldnt see his wall, because it was covered in amazing art work. This guy will be famous one day! ^^ Loves you cousin!

Carla Krige said...

The landscape on the right reminds me of a Turner painting, the thick light really draws you into the scene. Your light work is inspiring Phil! You are truly a great artist... Keep up the excellent work!